Government Long Term Care Insurance, politics of the Class Act

Back in the Obamacare battle of 2009 the democrats were pushing the health care reform bill but had little support because the bills was extremely expensive. The democrats knew that the bill was not budget neutral so they decided to plant a trick inside the bill or let’s call it a Trojan Horse. It was slipped in […]

Major Reasons Behind Workplace Politics

Office politics happens when employees try to get something that’s beyond their control by tarnishing their colleagues’ reputation. Workplace politics can indeed damage your business. Studies suggest that employees who are involved in office politics spend less time paying attention to the work that they’ve been hired to do. Most people who play office politics […]

4 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Donald Trump

Despite numerous attacks on his credentials, mostly due to divisive comments that he’s made on the campaign trail, Donald Trump appears to be leading the Republican bandwagon. A billionaire real estate mogul, trump is an interestingly colorful and popular candidate, probably due to his work with celebrities, and also as a result of his ‘The […]

4 Key Issues the 2016 Candidates Should Address

The 2016 presidential race is gaining momentum, and with it has come the usual political atmosphere. This year’s race has perhaps attracted some of the most interesting candidates. Donald Trump, a real estate mogul who’s popular from his gigs in Hollywood, appears bent to be the undisputable Republican Party. Trump is already trying to ward […]

Senior European Leaders Warn the UK against Leaving EU

At least, two very senior figures have warned against the United Kingdom leaving the European Union. This, they say, would have dire economic and political consequences for the EU, and the UK. Britain is headed towards a June referendum that allows its citizens to weigh in on the issue of whether or not their country […]

Is Marco Rubio GOP’s Best Hope?

Marco Rubio is the Florida senator whose name has featured prominently in the current presidential campaign. Some veteran GOP members have argued that the young politician might be the party’s best hope, especially at a time when criticism is mounting against Donald Trump’s divisive approach. But Rubio candle appears to be dimmed by somewhat poor […]