Trump Before the Election vs Trump Now

Donald Trump made a series of promises on his historical journey to the state house. We take a look at his stances on key issues then, what he has done about them and his stand now that he is in office.

Rebuilding the country’s infrastructure

Trump promised that the country’s infrastructure would be second to none and promised to create jobs for millions of people while doing so. However, despite repeatedly promising to do so, no visible progress has been made so far.

Locking Up Hillary

Trump’s supporters wanted the Democratic candidate jailed for use of a private email server and consistently had ‘jail her up’ placards. Trump seemed to agree with them, at least by supporting calls for a fresh investigation. He even promised Hillary that when he wins, he would get a special prosecutor to look into her situation. Well, that did not happen and Trump went ahead to say that the country owed Hillary a debt of gratitude. read more

Government Long Term Care Insurance, politics of the Class Act

Back in the Obamacare battle of 2009 the democrats were pushing the health care reform bill but had little support because the bills was extremely expensive. The democrats knew that the bill was not budget neutral so they decided to plant a trick inside the bill or let’s call it a Trojan Horse. It was slipped in by the late Ted Kennedy and it was called the Class Act Long Term Care Insurance benefit.

The plan would provide a very minor benefit of $50/day of long term care insurance benefits but the premium would be three times what a private plan would charge. Also, no one could use their plan for the first five years yet they had to pay premiums day one. The slick politicians knew that the average voter could not follow their slight of hand so they counted those premiums from the long term care insurance benefit and put them towards the cost of the Obamacare bill in efforts to hide it’s real cost. read more

Major Reasons Behind Workplace Politics

Office politics happens when employees try to get something that’s beyond their control by tarnishing their colleagues’ reputation. Workplace politics can indeed damage your business. Studies suggest that employees who are involved in office politics spend less time paying attention to the work that they’ve been hired to do. Most people who play office politics tend to misuse their powers in order to gain the attention of the attention of the management (or their superiors). Understanding office politics can help you prevent an impending decline in productivity. This article highlights some of the key reasons why people engage in workplace politics. read more

4 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Donald Trump

Despite numerous attacks on his credentials, mostly due to divisive comments that he’s made on the campaign trail, Donald Trump appears to be leading the Republican bandwagon. A billionaire real estate mogul, trump is an interestingly colorful and popular candidate, probably due to his work with celebrities, and also as a result of his ‘The Apprentice’ show. Definitely an influencer in this year’s race, here are 4 things you probably didn’t know about Donald J. Trump.

#1 His Family’s Last Name Used to be Drumpf

According to biographer Gwenda Blair, Trump’s family name used to be Drumpf, before evolving over centuries to ‘Trump’. According to Gwenda, one of Trump’s ancestors changed the name during the 30 years’ War in the 17th century. This revelation has recently led to a lot of fun on the internet, with users initiating the hashtag #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain on Twitter. read more

4 Key Issues the 2016 Candidates Should Address

The 2016 presidential race is gaining momentum, and with it has come the usual political atmosphere. This year’s race has perhaps attracted some of the most interesting candidates. Donald Trump, a real estate mogul who’s popular from his gigs in Hollywood, appears bent to be the undisputable Republican Party. Trump is already trying to ward off multiple attacks from politicians within and outside the US, mostly due to seemingly divisive comments he has made. Hillary Clinton is not a newcomer to politics, she’s been around for a long time. But the interesting thing is that she appears to be the first female candidate with a very real shot at the presidency. Although Bernie Sanders is still trying to prevent her from clinching the Democratic Party nomination, she’s appears to have her eyes trained on the target right now. Ben Carson, the popular Neurosurgeon, recently dropped out of the race and decided to instead lead a national nonprofit that encourages Christians to vote. read more

Senior European Leaders Warn the UK against Leaving EU

At least, two very senior figures have warned against the United Kingdom leaving the European Union. This, they say, would have dire economic and political consequences for the EU, and the UK. Britain is headed towards a June referendum that allows its citizens to weigh in on the issue of whether or not their country should leave the union.

Finance Ministers

According to Italian finance minister, Mr. Pier Carlo Padoan, a departure of British from the EU could trigger a domino effect in which other Eurosceptic nations would feel embolden to unmask their own exit plans. Wolfgang Schauble, Germany’s finance minister, has claimed that an out-vote by the UK would poison the economies of the UK, EU, and other world economies. During an interview held with the guardian, Pier also suggested that Britain’s departure could lead France to do the same during next year’s presidential elections. Currently, anti-European parties appear to be gaining a lot of support. read more

Is Marco Rubio GOP’s Best Hope?

Marco Rubio is the Florida senator whose name has featured prominently in the current presidential campaign. Some veteran GOP members have argued that the young politician might be the party’s best hope, especially at a time when criticism is mounting against Donald Trump’s divisive approach. But Rubio candle appears to be dimmed by somewhat poor performance during the Super Tuesday contest.

Of course, a victory in the Florida March 15 primary would give him momentum, but his current showing so far doesn’t do anything to encourage such notion. And if Marco Rubio loses his home state, that’d definitely be the end of his journey in the 2016 presidential contest. And that’s not just where it ends – a Florida loss would embarrass the energetic politician who’s been referred to as ‘brilliant’ and ‘ambitious’. read more