Is Marco Rubio GOP’s Best Hope?

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Marco Rubio is the Florida senator whose name has featured prominently in the current presidential campaign. Some veteran GOP members have argued that the young politician might be the party’s best hope, especially at a time when criticism is mounting against Donald Trump’s divisive approach. But Rubio candle appears to be dimmed by somewhat poor performance during the Super Tuesday contest.

Of course, a victory in the Florida March 15 primary would give him momentum, but his current showing so far doesn’t do anything to encourage such notion. And if Marco Rubio loses his home state, that’d definitely be the end of his journey in the 2016 presidential contest. And that’s not just where it ends – a Florida loss would embarrass the energetic politician who’s been referred to as ‘brilliant’ and ‘ambitious’.

Looking at the numbers, Rubio’s chances of clinching the GOP nomination appear slim. Even if he won the Florida primary, it’s hard to fathom how he would be able to stop Donald Trump from bagging the 1237 delegates required for the party’s nomination. According to critics, it’s interesting that we’re in this sort of situation. That’s so because Rubio easily discerns himself as a modern day political talent who would be able to sell conservative philosophy to many Americans who didn’t even know that they were conservative. He has all the ingredients of an inspiring and transformational leader, perhaps even to be compared with the likes of John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan.

But will he win the primary?

Rubio is a relative newcomer to Washington. He was elected to the senate in 2010 after beating a very established republican incumbent. Taking a look at his voting record, it’s very easy to pick out that he is a true conservative. He is able to deliver a highly eloquent speech, and his personal story being the son of immigrants’ plugs into the American Dream.

So where’s the problem?

All these great qualities that make Marco Rubio a potentially great conservative leader do not help him when it comes to the Republican Party nomination.  Of course, the ability to get through the primaries does tell us a lot about a candidate. Campaigns often face a crisis, scandals, and many other challenges. So there’s this theory that argues that the best candidate always s wins the primary. And that’s where Rubio’s problems start and end. Despite his appealing credentials as a to-be American president, and the increasing popularity that he’s collecting nationwide, it’s evident that he might not have what it takes to be part of the two-horse race after the primaries. And that’s where he stops being the GOP’s best hopes.

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