Senior European Leaders Warn the UK against Leaving EU

At least, two very senior figures have warned against the United Kingdom leaving the European Union. This, they say, would have dire economic and political consequences for the EU, and the UK. Britain is headed towards a June referendum that allows its citizens to weigh in on the issue of whether or not their country should leave the union.

Finance Ministers

According to Italian finance minister, Mr. Pier Carlo Padoan, a departure of British from the EU could trigger a domino effect in which other Eurosceptic nations would feel embolden to unmask their own exit plans. Wolfgang Schauble, Germany’s finance minister, has claimed that an out-vote by the UK would poison the economies of the UK, EU, and other world economies. During an interview held with the guardian, Pier also suggested that Britain’s departure could lead France to do the same during next year’s presidential elections. Currently, anti-European parties appear to be gaining a lot of support. read more