4 Key Issues the 2016 Candidates Should Address

The 2016 presidential race is gaining momentum, and with it has come the usual political atmosphere. This year’s race has perhaps attracted some of the most interesting candidates. Donald Trump, a real estate mogul who’s popular from his gigs in Hollywood, appears bent to be the undisputable Republican Party. Trump is already trying to ward off multiple attacks from politicians within and outside the US, mostly due to seemingly divisive comments he has made. Hillary Clinton is not a newcomer to politics, she’s been around for a long time. But the interesting thing is that she appears to be the first female candidate with a very real shot at the presidency. Although Bernie Sanders is still trying to prevent her from clinching the Democratic Party nomination, she’s appears to have her eyes trained on the target right now. Ben Carson, the popular Neurosurgeon, recently dropped out of the race and decided to instead lead a national nonprofit that encourages Christians to vote. read more