Trump Before the Election vs Trump Now

Donald Trump made a series of promises on his historical journey to the state house. We take a look at his stances on key issues then, what he has done about them and his stand now that he is in office.

Rebuilding the country’s infrastructure

Trump promised that the country’s infrastructure would be second to none and promised to create jobs for millions of people while doing so. However, despite repeatedly promising to do so, no visible progress has been made so far.

Locking Up Hillary

Trump’s supporters wanted the Democratic candidate jailed for use of a private email server and consistently had ‘jail her up’ placards. Trump seemed to agree with them, at least by supporting calls for a fresh investigation. He even promised Hillary that when he wins, he would get a special prosecutor to look into her situation. Well, that did not happen and Trump went ahead to say that the country owed Hillary a debt of gratitude. read more