Trump Before the Election vs Trump Now

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Donald Trump made a series of promises on his historical journey to the state house. We take a look at his stances on key issues then, what he has done about them and his stand now that he is in office.

Rebuilding the country’s infrastructure

Trump promised that the country’s infrastructure would be second to none and promised to create jobs for millions of people while doing so. However, despite repeatedly promising to do so, no visible progress has been made so far.

Locking Up Hillary

Trump’s supporters wanted the Democratic candidate jailed for use of a private email server and consistently had ‘jail her up’ placards. Trump seemed to agree with them, at least by supporting calls for a fresh investigation. He even promised Hillary that when he wins, he would get a special prosecutor to look into her situation. Well, that did not happen and Trump went ahead to say that the country owed Hillary a debt of gratitude.


Trump had promised that once he got into power, he would make approvals and make worse water boarding. He had also promised to get on it immediately. However, after being inaugurated as president, Trump seemed to agree with the current CIA director who said that he wouldn’t reinstate such methods of torture.

Bombing the IS

The president had warned that he would blow into obliteration the ‘so called Islamic State’. Boy hasn’t he lived up to that promise? Trump bombed a huge non-nuclear bomb on top of an Islamic State region in Afghanistan. He had made this promise before his election during one of his speeches in Iowa.

Sending back home all illegal immigrants

Trump had promised that all 11.3 million undocumented immigrants would be deported back to their countries. However, as time passed, his stance evolved from the 11 million to around 3 million who he said had criminal records, were gang members or were drug dealers. We could say Trump has partially delivered on this promise.

Total ban on Muslims

Trump’s idea was to ban every single Muslim entering the country and maintaining the total shutdown till the country could figure out ‘what was going on’. Once in power, he did introduce travel bans, all of which were faced with immense legal hurdles. There has thus been no real progress made on this promise.

Construction of a border wall

The president vowed to build a huge wall on the Mexico-USA border and make the Mexicans pay for it. That seems like it was a bit of a long shot. Well, the Mexicans have insisted they are not putting a dime into that wall and Trump has now agreed that the US will cater for the costs of putting up the wall and then ask Mexico to pay them back. That’s it on that. There has been no progress regarding the construction of the wall. There have been several legal and financial problems facing the project with some land owners protesting against what they are calling a government land grab. Trump is however adamant that the wall will be built ‘very soon’.

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